Terms of Use

Welcome to Whofastpass!

  • Whofastpass is a network comparison and monitoring tool that allows people test their internet speed, and make reasonable choices about which networks to patronize based on data.
  • When you provide information about your network account, this allows us share your result directly with your network providers so that they can take action based on your user experience. For example, when your speed test result indicates that your network experience is slow we are able to notify your network provider, and this forms the evidence with which you may compensated by your network.
  • All speed test results are stored on the Whofastpass and are considered a property of Whofastpass. Therefore we use this data to improve our service and for other means considered legal.
  • We do not directly sell your information to Advertisers. We enable advertiser reach you as part of a wider audience, for example, other users who use your network.
  • Your speed test results may be analyzed and aggregated to enable comparison among other network providers.
  • At no point will the creators of Whofastpass or any of its affiliates be held liable in court for any mishaps that occur due to the direct or indirect use of this service.
  • We occassionaly send small packets of data from your mobile device to check if your internet is available and we make this data available to your network and other uses we deem fi.
  • We do our best to provide accurate information but if you would like to file a complaint or delete your account, send us an email at hello@whofastpass.com